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Alexander W. Hunter is a bilingual American born actor and model based in Sydney, Australia. He is mainly known for his role as David in The Benza, Benza English, and the spin-off video game The Benza RPG. He is also known for his roles as Owen Scott in the movie Little Nights, Little Love, and John in 1446: An Eternal Minute. He has appeared in many television shows such as Omotenashi No Kiso Eigo and Motto Tsutawaru Sokuresu Eikaiwa on NHKE, commercials, fitness products, music videos and various voice acting roles including Ultraman Ken in the English adaptation of Ultraman. He also does modeling and motion capture for video games.

Height: 6"2 / 188cm

Eye Color: Brown

Hair Color: Black

Location: Sydney, Australia


Benchmark Creative Management

Phone: +61 02 9331 7898



Dragonfly Entertainment | Your Eyes Tell | 2020

Supporting Actor; Final Boss

Gaga | Little Nights, Little Love | 2019

Supporting Actor; Owen Scott


TV Man Union | Trails to Oishii Tokyo | 2021-Present


NHK | Omotenashi No Kiso Eigo  | 2018-2019

Main Cast; Logan

NHK | Motto Tsutawaru! Sokuresu Eikaiwa  | 2021

Main Cast; Dion

Voice Over

Toshiba Kioxia | 2021


Tsuburaya Productions | Ultra Galaxy Fight: The Destined Crossroad | 2022

Supporting Cast; Ken, Father of Ultra, Evil Bat

TenQ Space Museum | Tokyo Dome | 2017-2023

English Tour Guide


Tokyo Cowboys | The Benza | 2019-Present

Main Cast; David

Tokyo Cowboys | Benza English | 2020

Main Cast; David


Jim Beam TV Commercial | 2022

Supporting Cast and Main Voice Over​

Green TV Commercial | 2021

Main Cast; Minotaur

Life Net Insurance Web Commercial | 2019

Lead Actor


BPM | Dragon Bowl | 2022​

Supporting Cast

Erth | Dinosaur Zoo | 2021-Present​


Special Skills

Bilingual in English and Japanese. Proficient in American football, basketball, boxing, and kickboxing. Trained  in basic on-screen fighting, action, and stunts. Basic handgun training. Former personal trainer. Former teacher and sports coach for children.

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